Common Tyre Measurement Mistakes You Might Be Making


Tyres play a crucial role in the performance of your vehicle. This is why you always want them to be of high quality and perfectly suitable for your vehicle. Buying new tyres is a thorough process that requires a lot of factors. From tyre measurement and durability to usual road conditions your vehicle drives on, you need to tick mark a long checklist for this. 

Apollo Tyres promises to stay by your side throughout your tyre purchase journey. Hence, we are here with this exclusively curated guide for you. It will list the major mistakes that you must avoid while making tyre size measurement and buying new ones. But, before that, it will explain how you can measure tyres. So, start reading below. 


How to Measure Tyre Size?

Tyre measurement might not be everybody’s cup of tea. However, you can definitely find the tyre size written on one of the following. 

• In your vehicle handbook

• Inside your glove box

• Inside the driver’s door panel

If you are unable to find the tyre size from any of the above options, you must consult a professional. You can also refer to a trusted online tyre measurement calculator to avoid a trip to a mechanic. 


Mistakes to Avoid While Measuring and Buying New Tyres 

After reading about the detailed process of tyre measurement explained above, read below to learn about the mistakes you must avoid. 


Overlooking your Wheels 

The size of your tyres is quite essential. The right tyre size can improve your car’s mileage. However, you must not forget about the wheel while purchasing new tyres. The tyre size you choose must perfectly fit the wheels in place. The wrong tyre size measurement will not fit the wheels, impacting its braking efficiency. That is why you must go to a professional shop for accurate tyre and wheel measurements and buy the right tyre size. The professionals at such shops will advise you the best after thorough examination and measurements. 


Ignoring Driving Conditions 

The life and performance of your tyres significantly depend on the road conditions. Therefore, when buying new tyres, ensuring a perfect fit is not the only factor. You must also consider your usual road conditions. Usually, regular driving requires all-terrain and all-weather tyres. However, if you drive in different conditions like mountain rides or other difficult road conditions, choose tyres suitable for such situations. Professionals can help you by suggesting tyres suitable for specific road conditions. 


Choosing the Wrong Size 

Accurate tyre measurement is the most important part of your tyre purchase journey. Choosing an inappropriate size will result in faster wear and tear. Also, you will be required to change the tyres frequently, resulting in heavy expenses. We advise you to buy the exact size that will fit your vehicle. To ensure this, you must consult a professional for accurate measurements.


Ignoring Ratings 

In the world of the Internet, every piece of information you require is right at your fingertips. The Internet can also significantly help you with your tyre purchase journey. You can find reliable reviews and ratings of tyres online and then decide on the one that can be trusted. It is where you will realise the importance of purchasing from reliable manufacturers like Apollo Tyres, which is committed to consistent and high quality. 


Buying Based on Pricing 

Another mistake you must avoid is to buy solely based on pricing. Low prices are quite attractive for your pockets. However, it cannot be considered as the sole factor to buy tyres. Budget is definitely important. However, you must understand that tyres are a long-term investment. Buying low-priced and low-quality tyres will require you to change them frequently. All this will be much more expensive for you than purchasing a little bit of high-priced tyres. So, if high-quality tyres with better ratings seem a little above your budget, do not hesitate to invest, as your investment will be fruitful for a long period. Such tyres will also prevent you from constant repair and replacement expenses. 


Avoiding Free Lifetime Balancing and Rotation 

Installing new tyres and getting punctures repaired are only a few of the many jobs you need to do to maintain your tyres. You also need to take some other steps for a longer and better life. So, look for a dealer that offers free tyre balancing and rotations for life or certain times. This will prevent you from frequent expenses and manage your tyres’ good condition. 

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In the End

Tyre size measurement is only one aspect you need to consider while buying new tyres. Reading above must have made you realise how many factors must be considered while buying new tyres. So, do not take this process lightly and always buy new ones after thorough consideration. Also, doing all this on your own might be challenging for you. That is why Apollo Tyres stay by your side when it comes to the tyres of your vehicles. If measuring tyres and finding the most suitable option is difficult for you, visit your nearest Apollo Tyres store, and our experts will help you. We suggest the best tyres after thorough consideration of several factors and offer them at the most competitive prices. So, visit us today to bring back your vehicle’s efficiency.

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