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The Apollo warranty* offers you the ultimate peace of mind. Buy an Apollo passenger vehicle tyre, and if the tyre is damaged solely due to the Included Items within 1 year from the date of purchase, you may be entitled to receive a credit (as described further under ‘Claiming the warranty’) based on remaining tread depth if your warranty claim is approved, subject to terms and conditions.



  • After the purchase the consumer is required to register online within 30 days from date of purchase at www.apollotyres.com
  • After filling in the accurate details, please click “complete warranty registration”
  • The warranty certificate will be sent to the customer via e-mail.
  • If you are not received the warranty certificate within 24 hours. Please contact to Facebook: @apollotyresmalaysia.  


  • The customer has to return the physical tyre and submit this certificate with original tax invoice from dealer.

  • The warranty claim will be submitted for processing and approval. Warranty claim processing may take up to several weeks.

  • If the warranty claim is approved, you will be entitled to receive the credit based on remaining tread depth (Remaining Tread Depth (mm) at % Tread Wear). The credit will be from the reseller and may be in the form of either a discount on a new purchase or, alternatively, cash payment.

  • The fitting and services will incur additional charges.

Product Range

Included Free Of Charge

Acceptable Limit

Effective Promotion

Entire Passenger Car Tyres.


Excluded Items:

Altrust and Quantum tyres for commercial vehicles

• Tyre damaged as a result of

an impact

• Non-repairable puncture.

• Accidental damage.

The Apollo warranty* offers within 1 year and register online within 30 days from date of purchase.

Since 1st April 2020


This warranty should be seen as a “bad luck” warranty. Amongst others, abuse or misapplication is not included. The general sales conditions remain valid. This warranty is applicable to all Apollo passenger vehicle tyres produced on or after 1st April 2016. The following gives details of what is included and excluded under the warranty.



  • Misapplication. For example: "Tyre failure caused by overloading or under pressure."

  • Abuse. For example: "Rough tread pattern because of driving on a racing circuit.”

  • Incorrect mounting of the tyre, tyre / wheel imbalance or improper repair.

  • Uneven or rapid wear, caused by mechanical irregularities in the vehicle such as wheel misalignment.

  • Improper storage and weather related damages.

  • Vandalism.

  • Any consequential costs (repatriation, personal and material damage, mounting costs, etc).

  • Tyre with the date of manufacturing on the tyre older than 36 months at the time of claiming.

  • Altrust and Quantum tyres for commercial vehicles


Note: The foregoing is a non-exhaustive list of Excluded Items. Any incident other than an Included Item shall be deemed to be an Excluded Item. In the event of any doubt or dispute as to whether an incident is an Included Item or if the damage to the tyre(s) is due to a combination of Included Items and Excluded Items, Apollo shall have the absolute right and discretion to assess and determine whether to allow the customer’s warranty claim. Apollo’s determination shall be final and binding. In addition and for avoidance of doubt, except for the credit and save to the extent otherwise provided in the general sales conditions, Apollo excludes liability, to the fullest extent permitted by law, for all other costs, expenses, losses, damages, claims and liabilities (including but not limited to consequential losses or injury to any person) suffered or incurred by the customer or any third party due to any incident involving or attributable to the tyre(s) regardless of whether the incident is an Included Item or Excluded Item.


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