Bad Road Buddies!

Bad Road Buddies is a community for budding off-roaders to come together and discover the unexplored beauty that beholds in this vast terrain that is India. The people who belong to this community are the ones willing to make it through some of the harshest roads in the country only to visit places that will deliver them with breathtaking views. Not just the views, these off-roading experiences will give them memories, getting intimate with nature and a lifetime worth of stories to tell! No matter how bad the roads are, as long as your buddies are with you, everything becomes bearable. A community of off-roaders from different backgrounds who have come together to show their love for off-roading, to go the distance!

Weekly Rides

Bad Road Buddies Ride brings together communities of riding and driving enthusiasts across India. Participants get to explore rugged trails, acquire new driving skills, and build strong camaraderie. 

The journey commences at an Apollo Dealership, where participants undergo registration, have their bikes and cars checked, and enjoy refreshments. Riders receive goodie kits, comprehensive briefings from Apollo Experts, and are led by experienced lead riders. Indeed, an unforgettable experience tailor-made for all off-road enthusiasts.

Over the last few years, we have been able to do 700+ of these rides and drives engaging 10,000+ bikers and vehicle owners.

A Ride to Remember

Apollo Tyres roped in close to 50 off-roaders for the inaugural Bad Road Buddies (BRB) in Goa. They were asked to register for the two-day event. #BadRoadBuddies flagged off with a convoy of 100 vehicles from Goa towards Dandeli. Driving through the 100-kilometre stretch amidst the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife sanctuary was thrilling and challenging. The tribe had to drive through some challenging natural and man-made terrains in the Western Ghats. At the same time, there was aplenty of spots and opportunities for the shutter bugs to capture the cars as they made it through the muddy course. As the first day’s ride came to an end at a picturesque sunset point, the riders spent time clicking photos and sharing stories from the ride. The drive brought together people from various walks of life, putting them on a course to gather memories for a lifetime.

The Dandeli Surprise

The group drove on their normal set of tyres from Goa to Dandeli. On the way back, the Apollo Tyres team informed the drivers that they had a surprise in store for them. Once they crossed the border, all vehicles were fitted with Apollo Apterra tyres. The Apterra tyres are designed to offer a comfortable and silent drive even in tough terrains. 

Riding with the Master Blaster!

Once the group rode back to base camp the next day, in for another big surprise. The Master Blaster himself joined them at Quepem. Sachin put his driving skills to test with our #BadRoadBuddies as he drove on four challenging tracks at Quepem. As Apollo Tyres' brand ambassador, Tendulkar unveiled new Apterra Tyres at a press conference afterwards and spoke about his experience of using Apollo Tyres on challenging terrains and off-roading experiences. Sachin also joined the riders in an after-party by the beach. 



Bad Road Buddies



Celebrating the nomadic spirit that humans have, Bad Road Buddies Season 2.0 returned powered by Apollo Apterra tyres. Urging off-roaders to convert stones on the road into milestones Bad Road Buddies Season 2 engaged travellers who love to map uncharted paths can upload their videos and images and win exciting prizes. Season 2 was based on five ‘Go the Distance’ themes:



Snow Driver

The contestants were to drivie in the snow, facing some of the most difficult terrains to steer through and overcoming the challenges.

Photo Journaling

The Tribe was to show their creative side by capturing moments of thrill and beautly as they road along the trails.


Based on our philosophy of giving back to the society and nation, the theme captured simple acts of kindness on the roads. 


The theme encouraged drivers and riders to capture their incredible journey for memories that would last a lifetime.

Hidden Eateries

Travelling is incomplete without good food, and the best are mostly hidden or unexplored, this was a chance to find such hidden gems and win prizes.

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