Apollo Tyres have pioneered tyre technologies to create the latest and greatest car and SUV tyres in India. Get unmatched performance with our Alnac, Aspire, and Amazer series of car tyres. Or, go the distance with Apterra off-road tyres for SUVs. Find the best match for your wheels using our tyre finder now.

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High performance car and SUV tyres made for Indian roads and drivers

Apollo Apterra Cross Tyres

Apollo Tyres - Apterra Cross Tyres
All New Compact SUV Tyre

A tyre made for compact SUVs sold in India. Apterra Cross offers the off-roading capabilities of a proper SUV tyre combined with the driving comfort of a city car tyre. Apterra Cross tyre features include:

  • Sporty, attractive design
  • Durable, long-lasting construction
  • Low road noise
  • Best in class driving comfort
  • Superior handling and braking performance

Apollo Amazer XP Car Tyres

Apollo Amazer XP Car Tyres
Bharat Stage VI Ready Car Tyres

Apollo Amazer XP is a Bharat Stage VI ready tyre that is both fuel efficient and eco-friendly. You can improve your fuel efficiency by up to 15% with Apollo Amazer XP car tyres. This new age fuel efficient tyre is especially designed for cars of the future.

  • Low rolling resistance tyre
  • Greater riding comfort
  • Improved groove design for lower NVH
  • Best tyre for EVs


Rev up your adventurous spirit with the Apterra AT2, the one SUV tyre to rule them all. Take off with tremendous off-roading performance the Apterra AT2, chart your own path through the wilderness.

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