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The spirit of adventure is embedded in our riding heritage. From everyday city riding to off-road nomadic expeditions, Apollo Tyres offer the perfect grip on gravel and tarmac.

Go where the roads take you with Apollo two-wheeler tyres. From everyday motorcycle and scooter tyres to high-performance bike tyres, Apollo Tyres offers the best tyre solutions for Indian riders. Our ActiGRIP and ActiZIP series of bike tyres and scooter tyres are trusted for their reliable performance and superior riding control. Bike tyres like the Alpha series and the freshly launched Apollo Tramplr motorcycle tyres are a cut above the rest in the performance vehicle category.


Apollo Tramplr Touring and City Bike Tyres


The Tramplr series by Apollo Tyres is a new line of durable tyres that are designed to fit a wide range of Indian motorcycles of varying shapes and sizes. The series consists of two models, namely the Tramplr ST and the Tramplr XR. “Tramplr” focuses on the premium motorcycles segment in sports, cruiser and adventure domains. Especially designed to meet the performance requirement of the adventure touring bikes in varied conditions the Apollo Tramplr tyres have been extensively tested across terrains and different weather conditions. 

The Tramplr ST and XR tyres both feature attractive tread patterns that include several unique design elements on both the tread and sidewalls. Additionally, they incorporate tread wear indicators directly into the tread pattern. Apollo Tyres also sets itself apart from the competition with their innovative packaging, which includes a thick canvas wrap that can be reused as a tool roll or a medical kit pouch.

Tramplr XR

With a unique new tread pattern, Tramplr XR is the tyre for adventure touring enthusiasts.

The tyre has off-roading capabilities as well as on-road comfort for riders who wish to go the distance without limits. The Steel Radial Technology used in these motorcycle tyres improves structural integrity and helps maintain exceptional stability at high speeds.


- Steel Radial Technology

- W-shaped Tread Pattern

- Extended Shoulders

- Stone Ejectors

Tramplr ST

A product specially designed for the rider to conquer the city streets, the Tramplr ST can race through urbanscapes all day long.

Be it a stiff corner or an unpaved trail, Tramplr ST is unstoppable. Adding a dash of style to your ride, the Tramplr ST sidewalls are inspired from Street Graffiti with a unique insignia of “Roads Ahead”.


- Unique sipes for aquaplaning

- All-weather application

- Bigger central blocks

- Wider road footprint


The Apollo Alpha superbike tyres come with directional tread pattern with anchored grooves for superior traction and safer riding.


Apollo Tyres Radial Super Bike Tyres


Apollo Alpha H1 bike tyres have continuous centre groove with safety curvy grooves opening towards shoulder for efficient water evacuation on wet surfaces. The wider Alpha S1 140 section bike tyres also improve cornering stability and precise steering control on wet and dry roads. The stress-free casing structure with extra protection at bead area offers enhanced structural durability and keeps you miles ahead of rivals.

Everyday Bike & Scooter Tyres

The Apollo ActiZip motorcycle tyres are designed for excellent grip and stability on both dry and wet surfaces. Apollo ActiZip offers good durability and low rolling resistance, resulting in better fuel efficiency. Apollo ActiGrip, on the other hand, is meant for off-road and adventure motorcycles. The tyre offers exceptional performance on various terrains, from gravel to mud and sand.


- Superior Mileage

- Excellent Handling & Stability

- All Terrain Safety

- Self-Cleaning

Relax. You Are Covered.

Apollo Tyres 2 Year Unconditional Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions About Motorcycle Tyres


How to choose the best motorcycle tyres?

When selecting the best motorcycle tyres, consider the type of bike you own, your riding style, and the road conditions you'll be riding on. Look for tyres that offer good traction and stability, and check for compatibility with your motorcycle's rims and dimensions. Consult with an Apollo Tyres professional if you're unsure which tyres are best suited for your needs.

Should I change both bike tyres though only one is worn out?

It is generally recommended to change both bike tyres even if only one appears to be worn out. This is because a difference in tyre tread depth between the front and rear tyres can affect the handling and stability of the bike. By replacing both tyres at the same time, you can ensure that your bike maintains optimal traction and stability, providing a safer and smoother riding experience.

Should I opt for the same tyre brand and pattern?

Ideally, it is best to opt for the same brand and pattern of tyre for both the front and rear wheels. This is because different brands and patterns may have different characteristics, such as grip, handling, and durability, which can affect the overall performance and balance of your bike. However, if the same brand or pattern is not available or suitable, consult with a professional to ensure that you choose tyres that are compatible and provide the best performance and safety for your bike.

How do I determine which tyres fit my bike?

To determine which tyres fit your bike, check the specifications in the owner's manual or on the manufacturer's website. You can also check the tyre sidewall for the tyre size and load capacity. Make sure to choose tyres that match your bike's rim size and dimensions. If you're unsure which tyres are compatible, consult with a professional or the tyre manufacturer for guidance. It's important to choose tyres that are appropriate for your bike to ensure optimal performance, handling, and safety.




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