Things To Look Out for When Buying New Tyres


Generally speaking, tyres appear the same. They come equipped with treads and are manufactured using rubber as the main component. However, they are available in wide-ranging options, addressing unique requirements of roads, vehicles, weather conditions, to name a few. And their importance is paramount.

Tyres play a significant role in ensuring a safe and comfortable driving experience. For a car to take you to places, it has to contact differing road surfaces, turn safely without facing incidences of skidding and slipping. It has to perform all the roles efficiently it is intended to.

However, it is essential to choose the right tyres for that matter. Having the right tyre can enhance the overall performance of your vehicle, its safety and fuel consumption. This article explores some of the crucial factors one can consider while purchasing a new car tyre.


Tyre size - Understanding the symbolic denotations.

To make an informed purchasing decision, one can learn to read the tyre size, type, width, aspect ratio, construction, load index, speed ratings, etc. Tyre size necessarily refers to the denotations displayed using letters, numbers, shapes, etc., primarily found on a tyre's side. The symbolic denotations are not complicated to understand if one pays attention.

Let's take a quick look at the meaning of numbers and letters. In our case, let's use P155/80 R13 75T as an example for tyre size.

Prefix (P, T, LT, ST) - Each prefix refers to the type of vehicle the tyre is made for. P (Passenger) T (Temporary Spare), LT (Light Truck), and ST (Trailer).

The second thing after the first prefix (155 in the example) is the width presented in millimetres, measured from one sidewall to another.

Now comes the slash mark followed by a number of the tyre's aspect ratio, measured in percentages. If a tyre's aspect ratio is 80, it refers to the fact that the tyre's height is 80% of its width.

Now is the construction part. They are presented in R (Radial) or D (Diagonal or Bias Ply). The number following the construction type refers to rim diameter in inches.

Now, the number and letter (in this case, 75T) refer to the load index and speed rating.



Age of the tyre

Car tyres are manufactured using rubber that may degrade their value over time. It is therefore essential to check out their age. Find the year and week it was manufactured on the sidewall of a tyre.


Pay attention to the warranty.

Make sure to check the warranty of the car tyre before purchasing it. A standard warranty could include tyre damage resulting from an impact, non-repairable puncture, accidental damage etc. With Apollo, you get a two years free unconditional warranty. Tyres are also covered by our standard 5 year manufacturer warranty.

A good tyre should perform its job well. However, it will eventually lose its efficiency, given the different types of climates, road conditions, storage conditions, and driving quality.



An excellent way to find a suitable tyre is to take recommendations from people you know who have tyre buying priorities similar to yours. The rule of thumb is to trust an established brand with a credible track record of providing high-quality tyres. Apollo Tyres, for example, has a portfolio of excellent tyre products available at reasonable prices.

After buying a new car tyre, make sure to check its conditions regularly and follow the best practices to improve its health and performance. To learn more about the best car tyre brand in India, best car tyres and car tyres in general, please click here.

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