Understanding and Finding Your Car Tyre Size

As we hit the road, our focus often centers on the thrill of driving, the destination that awaits, or the melodies playing through the speakers. Yet, amidst the excitement, one crucial aspect of our vehicle often goes unnoticed and underappreciated – the car tires. While they are the sole point of contact with the road, car tires are frequently neglected, with car owners remaining blissfully unaware of their technical specifications and the impact they have on their driving experience.

It's a common scenario; car owners may keep a keen eye on the vehicle's appearance, engine performance, and maintenance schedules, but rarely spare a thought for the intricate details of their wheels and tires. Unbeknownst to many, the correct tire size, load capacity, and speed rating are pivotal factors that influence a vehicle's handling, safety, and overall driving efficiency.

In this blog, we'll delve into the reasons why car tires often fall into the shadows of automotive care, explore the consequences of neglecting these crucial components, and empower car owners with the knowledge they need to understand and appreciate the technical specifications of their wheels and tires. We aim to steer car enthusiasts toward making informed decisions that prioritize not only their car's aesthetics and performance but also the safety and longevity of their cherished journeys.

So, let's journey together into the world of car tires and unveil the secrets that lie beneath the rubber – secrets that every car owner should know.

How to read car tyre size?

Identifying the tire size of your vehicle is generally a straightforward task once you know where to look. The tire size information is prominently displayed on the sidewall of each tire. You can find a combination of numbers and letters, such as "P155/80R1375T" or "215/55Z R17," providing vital details about the tire's width, aspect ratio, and wheel diameter. While it might appear complex at first glance, understanding these markings becomes intuitive with a little guidance.

The Eurometric System: The Eurometric system is a widely used standard for specifying tire sizes across the globe. A typical tire size is represented as numbers and letters, like "215/55 R17 91T." Some tires in this system, known as "full-profile" tires, may omit the profile number, like "215 R17," which is equivalent to "215/55 R17" in the standard format. Additionally, if a tire has a "C" at the end, it is intended for commercial vehicles. For example, a "215/55 R17 C" tire is the same as a "215/55 R17" tire but designed for commercial applications.

American Tire Size Comparison: The North American P-metric system serves as an alternative for marking tire sizes. Introduced by American tire manufacturers in 1977, it appears as "P155/80 R13 75T." Tires starting with a "P" are suitable for passenger cars, minivans, SUVs, and small pickup trucks. The "LT" designation indicates tires for light trucks. A European "C" tire can be compared to an "LT" sized tire in the American P-metric system.

reading tyre size example

Example for understanding car tyre size: P155/80 R13 75T

  • Know your prefixes "P, T, LT, ST": The numbering sequence of passenger vehicles starts with the prefix ‘P’, which means it will be used for passenger vehicles. Other prefixes also exist such as T (Temporary Spare), LT (Light Truck), and ST (Trailer). Each prefix tells about the type of vehicle the tyre has been made for. In our example, ‘P' refers to passenger car tyre type.
  • Find out tyre width "P155": Width is an important parameter if you are thinking about upsizing your car tyres. The first number appearing after the prefix ‘P’ is 155. It refers to the width of the tyre in millimetres. Width is measured from one sidewall to another.
  • Tyre sidewall aspect ratio "/80": After width there is a forward slash and a number. This number denotes the sidewall aspect ratio. The aspect ratio is a percentage that indicates the height of the tire's sidewall as a proportion of its width. In this case, the aspect ratio is 80, meaning that the height of the sidewall is 80% of the tire's width.
  • Tyre type and wheel diameter "R13": The "R" stands for Radial, indicating that the tire has a radial construction. Most modern tires are of radial construction, where the internal ply cords run radially from the center of the tire to the outer edges. The number "13" indicates the diameter of the wheel rim in inches that the tire is designed to fit. In this case, the tire is meant to be mounted on a 13-inch wheel rim.
  • Load Index "75": The load index number indicates the maximum weight capacity of the tire. In this case, the load index is 75, which corresponds to a load capacity of 387 kilograms.
  • Speed rating of tyre "T": The letter "T" is the speed rating of the tire, indicating the maximum speed the tire can safely sustain. In this case, "T" corresponds to a speed rating of 190 km/h.


Tyre Profiles Expressed as a Percentage

Tyre profiles, representing the sidewall height, are expressed as a percentage to establish the relationship between the height and width of the tyre. Over the years, tyre profiles have evolved, with each decade witnessing changes to enhance road holding. Using the percentage system allows for easy comparison of different tyre types and divides the entire range into convenient size groups, making it practical for displaying information.

Aspect Ratio and Tyre Performance

The aspect ratio of a tyre determines the sidewall's height, with higher ratios resulting in taller sidewalls. Vehicles like buses and trucks have tyres with high aspect ratios (up to 95) for a more comfortable ride and improved cushioning over bumps. On the other hand, high-performance and racing cars prefer low aspect ratio tyres, which have shorter and stiffer sidewalls. These tyres resist fast cornering forces better, leading to improved handling and reduced roll during cornering.

Rim Size Given in Inches

While tyre width is expressed in millimeters, the rim size of the wheel is traditionally given in inches. This consistent use of inches for rim sizes fits with the established system and avoids inconsistencies that could arise from mixing metric and imperial units. By maintaining this two-system approach, tyre specifications remain orderly and easy to understand for drivers.

Choosing the right tyre size

Choosing the right tire size for your car is crucial, but it can be influenced by various factors, especially if you make modifications to your vehicle. One critical factor is the load ratio, which determines the maximum weight the tire can handle. If you modify the car's weight, either by reducing it for increased speed or adding more mass with a larger engine, you'll need to reevaluate the load ratio and select appropriate tires accordingly.

Another aspect to consider is the tire width. Changing the tire width can significantly impact the car's appearance and stability on the road, but it should be done with caution. Going too narrow or too wide might affect the vehicle's dynamics or result in the tire rubbing against the wheel arch, posing safety risks.

Additionally, the tire diameter is essential to keep in mind. While some people change the wheel diameter for cosmetic reasons, doing so can cause issues with the speedometer and odometer readings since the tire's circumference changes. To maintain accuracy, it's essential to choose the right tire size that aligns with your car's specifications.

For example, if your car comes with factory-installed tires that are 532 mm in diameter, resulting in a circumference of 1,672 mm for each tire. If you consider switching to non-standard tires with a diameter of 578 mm, each new tire will have a circumference of 1,816 mm, meaning it covers 144 mm more with each revolution. This significant change affects your speedometer, making it show a speed nearly 9% slower than your actual speed when driving with the new tires. Which means if your speedometer is showing 80 kmph, you are actually doing 87.2 kmph.

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Need help finding your car tyre size? Here we have a comprehensive list of tyres for Indian car models.


Maruti Suzuki Car Tyre Size Chart in India


Car Name Model Tyre Size
Maruti Zen Estilo - 145/70 R 13
Maruti Zen - 145/70 R12
Maruti Suzuki Ritz ZXI, ZDI 185 / 70 R14
Maruti Suzuki Ritz LXI, VXI, LDI, VDI,  
Maruti Suzuki S Cross ALPHA, SIGMA, DELTA, ZETA 215 / 60 R16
Maruti Suzuki SX4 ZDI 205 / 60 R16
Maruti Suzuki SX4 VXI, VDI 195 / 65 R15
Maruti Suzuki Ignis ALL 175 / 65 R15
Maruti Suzuki Baleno ZETA, RS 1.0 195 / 55 R16
Maruti Suzuki Baleno DELTA, SIGMA 185 / 65 R15
Maruti Suzuki Ciaz ALPHA 195 / 55 R16
Maruti Suzuki Ciaz DELTA, SIGMA, ZETA 185 / 65 R15
Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 ALL 155 / 65 R 13
Maruti Suzuki Alto 800, ALL 145 / 80 R12
Maruti Suzuki Eeco - 155 / 65 R 14
Maruti Suzuki Gypy ALL 205 / 70 R15
Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza ZDI, ZDI+ 215 / 60 R16
Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza LDI, VDI 205 / 60 R16
Maruti Suzuki Ertiga ALL 185 / 65 R15
Maruti Suzuki Dzire ZXI, ZDI, ZDI PLUS 185 / 65 R15
Maruti Suzuki Dzire LXI, VXI, LDI, VDI 165 / 80 R14
Maruti Suzuki Swift ZXI, ZDI 185 / 65 R15
Maruti Suzuki Swift LXI, VXI, LDI, VDI, 165 / 80 R14
Maruti Suzuki Celerio VXI, ZXI 165 / 70 R14
Maruti Suzuki Celerio LXI 155 / 80 R13
Maruti Suzuki Wagon R VXI, STINGRAY 155 / 65 R13
Maruti Suzuki Wagon R AX, LX, LXI, PRIMEA, VX 145 / 70 R13
Maruti Suzuki Omni ALL 145/70 R12


TATA Motors Car Tyre Size Chart in India


Car Name Model Tyre Size
Tata Sumo EX 185 / 85 R16
Tata Sumo Gold CX 215 / 75 R15
Tata Hexa XT, XTA 235 / 55 R19
Tata Hexa XE, XM 235 / 55 R19
Tata Safari / Storme ALL 235 / 70 R16
Tata Nexon - 215 / 60 R 16
Tata Nexon - 195 / 60 R 16
Tata Nano ALL 135 / 70 R12
Tata Indigo eCS ALL 175 / 65 R14
Tata Tiago REVOTORQ XT 175 / 65 R14
Tata Tiago REVOTORQ XB, XE, XM 155 / 80 R13
Tata Zest ALL 185 / 60 R 15
Tata Zest XE PETROL, XE 75 DIESEL 175 / 65 R14
Tata Bolt XT - PETROL, DIESEL 175 / 65 R15
Tata Bolt XE, XM, XMS, PETROL, DIESEL 175 / 65 R 14


Hyundai Car Tyre Size Chart in India


Car Name Model Tyre Size
Hyundai Santa Fe ALL 235 / 60 R18
Hyundai Elantra ALL 205 / 60 R16
Hyundai Creta SX 1.6 CRDI 215 / 60 R17
Hyundai Creta E 1.6, S 1.4, SX 1.6, 205 / 65 R16
Hyundai Verna S(O), SX 195 / 55 R16
Hyundai Verna E 1.4, 1.6 185 / 65 R15
Hyundai Santro Xing ALL 155 / 70 R13 75T
Hyundai i20 ASTA 1.2, SPORTS 185 / 65 R14
Hyundai i20 MAGNA, ERA 175 / 70 R14
Hyundai Elite i20 ALL 185 / 65 R15
Hyundai Xcent E, E+, S, SX 165 / 65 R14
Hyundai Grand i10 ALL 165 / 65 R14
Hyundai Eon MAGNA, SPORTS, 1.0 KAPPA ERA 155 / 70 R13
Hyundai Eon D-LITE, ERA 145 / 80 R12


Honda Car Tyre Size Chart in India


Car Name Model Tyre Size
Honda Jazz DIESEL 175 / 70 R14
Honda Jazz PETROL 175 / 65 R15
Honda WRV ALL 195 / 60 R16
Honda BRV ALL 195 / 60 R16
Honda CRV ALL 225 / 65 R17
Honda Mobilio - 185 / 65 R 15
Honda Amaze 1.2 EMT PETROL 175 / 65 R15
Honda Amaze 1.2 MT, V CVT, VX CVT, VX MT, V CVT, 175 / 65 R14
Honda Brio ALL 175 / 65 R14
Honda City ALL 175 / 65 R15


Toyota Car Tyre Size Chart in India


Car Name Model Tyre Size
Toyota Camry ALL 215 / 60 R16
Toyota Corolla Altis GL DIE., VL CVT 205 / 55 R 16
Toyota Corolla Altis G CVT PET, G DIE. PET. 195 / 65 R 15
Toyota Fortuner 2.8 4*4 AT, MT 265 / 65 R18
Toyota Fortuner 2.7 4*2 AT, MT, 2.8 4*2 AT MT 265 / 65 R17
Toyota Etios Liva V DUAL TONE, VD, VX, VXD 185 / 60 R15
Toyota Etios Liva GX, GXD, V 175 / 65 R14
Toyota Platinum Etios GX, GXD, LTD ED. 175 / 70 R14
Toyota Etios Cross ALL 185 / 60 R15
Toyota Land Cruiser 200   285 / 60 R18
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado ALL 265 / 60 R18
Toyota Innova Crysta ALL 205 / 65 R 16


Mahindra Car Tyre Size Chart in India


Car Name Model Tyre Size
Mahindra Verito Vibe - 185 / 70 R 14
Mahindra e2O - 155 / 70 R13
Mahindra Verito - 185 / 70 R 14
Mahindra Bolero PLUS 185/85 R 16
Mahindra Bolero ZLX, SLX, SLE 215 / 75 R15
Mahindra Scorpio Getaway ALL 245 / 75 R 16
Mahindra Scorpio ALL 235 / 65 R 17
Mahindra TUV 300 ALL 215 / 75 R 15
Mahindra KUV 100 K5,K8 185 / 60 R15
Mahindra KUV 100 K2,K4,K6 185 / 65 R14
Mahindra Thar - 185 / 85 R16
Mahindra Thar - 235 / 70 R16
Mahindra Nuvosport ALL 215 / 65 R16
Mahindra Quanto ALL 205 / 65 R15
Mahindra Xylo H4, H8, H9 215 / 75 R15
Mahindra Xylo D2, D4 205 / 65 R15
Mahindra XUV 500 - 235 / 65 R 17


Renault Car Tyre Size Chart in India


Car Name Model Tyre Size
Renault Scala   185 / 65 R 15
Renault Scala   185 / 70 R 14
Renault Fluence 2.0 E4 205 / 60 R16
Renault Fluence 1.5 E2 205 / 60 R15
Renault Scala   185 / 70 R 14
Renault Captur RXL  
Renault Captur PLATINE DIESEL TONE, MONO, 215 / 60 R17
Renault Koleos ALL 225 / 60 R 17
Renault Lodgy    
Renault Duster ALL 215 / 65 R16
Renault Pulse RXZ DIESEL 175 / 60 R15
Renault Pulse RXL PETROL, RXL DIESEL 165 / 70 R14
Renault Kwid ALL 155 / 80 R13


Nissan Car Tyre Size Chart in India


Car Name Model Tyre Size
Nissan Evalia XE, XL 165 / 80 R14
Nissan Evalia SV, XV, XV (O) 185 / 65 R15
Nissan Sunny XVD, XV PREMIUM 185 / 65 R15
Nissan Sunny XE, XL, XL CVT, XLD, 185 / 70 R 14
Nissan Micra Active ALL 155 / 80 R13
Nissan Micra XL (O) CVT 175 / 60 R15
Nissan Micra XL (O) DIESEL 165 / 70 R14
Nissan Terrano ALL 215 / 65 R16


Datsun Car Tyre Size Chart in India


Car Name Model Tyre Size
Datsun RediGO ALL 155 / 80 R13
Datsun GO Plus ALL 155 / 70 R13
Datsun GO ALL 155 / 70 R13


Skoda Car Tyre Size Chart in India


Car Name Model Tyre Size
Skoda Fabia ACTIVE, AMBIENTE, CLASSIC 175 / 70 R14
Skoda Laura AMBITION CR AT, L&K2.0, ELEGENCE 205 / 55 R16
Skoda Laura ACTIVE, AMBIENTE, AMBITION 1.8, CLASSIC 195 / 65 R15
Skoda Superb ALL 215 / 55 R17
Skoda Kodiaq - 235 / 55 R18
Skoda Rapid - 195 / 55 R16
Skoda Rapid - 185 / 60 R15
Skoda Octavia ALL 205 / 55 R16


Volkswagen Car Tyre Size Chart in India


Car Name Model Tyre Size
Volkswagen Beetle - 215 / 60 R16
Volkswagen Jetta ALL 205 / 55 R16
Volkswagen Passat HIGHLINE 215 / 55 R17
Volkswagen Passat COMFORTLINE 215 / 60 R16
Volkswagen Cross Polo - -
Volkswagen Cross Polo - 185 / 60 R15
Volkswagen Ameo - 175 / 70 R14
Volkswagen Ameo - 195 / 55 R16
Volkswagen Ameo - 185 / 60 R15
Volkswagen Vento - 185 / 60 R16
Volkswagen Vento - 175 / 70 R14
Volkswagen Vento - 185 / 60 R15
Volkswagen Polo GT - 185 / 60 R15
Volkswagen Polo - 175 / 70 R14
Volkswagen Polo GTI - 215 / 45 R16
Volkswagen Polo - 185 / 60 R15


Jeep Car Tyre Size Chart in India


Car Name Model Tyre Size
Jeep Compass - 235 / 45 R19
Jeep Compass - 225 / 55 R18
Jeep Compass - 225 / 60 R17
Jeep Compass - 215 / 65 R16


Force Car Tyre Size Chart in India


Car Name Model Tyre Size
Force Gurkha - 235 / 70 R 16
Force Gurkha - 245 / 70 R 16
Force One - 245 / 70 R 16
Force One - 235 / 70 R 16


Ford Car Tyre Size Chart in India


Car Name Model Tyre Size
Ford EcoSport - 205 / 50 R 17
Ford EcoSport - 205 / 60 R 16
Ford EcoSport - 195 / 65 R15
Ford Aspire ALL 175 / 65 R14
Ford Figo ALL 175 / 65 R14
Ford Endeavour ALL 265 / 60 R 18


Fiat Car Tyre Size Chart in India


Car Name Model Tyre Size
Fiat Uno ALL 145 / 80 R13
Fiat Linea EMOTION 205 / 55 R16
Fiat Linea Classic ALL 175 / 70 R14
Fiat Linea ACTIVE, DYNAMIC 195 / 60 R15
Fiat Punto Evo EMOTION 195 / 60 R15
Fiat Punto Evo ACTIVE,DYNAMIC,PURE 1.2 165 / 80 R14


Chevrolet Car Tyre Size Chart in India


Car Name Model Tyre Size
Chevrolet Trailblazer - -
Chevrolet Sail Sedan ALL 175 / 70 R14
Chevrolet Sail Hatchback ALL 175 / 70 R14
Chevrolet Tavera - 205 / 65 R 15
Chevrolet Beat PS PETROL 155 / 70 R14
Chevrolet Beat LS, LT, LTZ, PS DIES. 165 / 65 R 14
Chevrolet Cruze ALL 205 / 60 R16


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