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Sachin 10 x Apollo Tyres

Passion, performance, and greatness - these are the qualities that define sports legends like Pele, Maradona, and Messi. But one number has become synonymous with these iconic athletes: the number 10. And there's one player who truly embodies the spirit of the number 10 like no other - Sachin Tendulkar.

At Apollo Tyres, we're proud to partner with Sachin Tendulkar to celebrate the power and greatness of the number 10. Look closely at our name, and you'll see it too - the number 10 is right there, in the last two letters. It's a subtle nod to the legends who have worn this iconic number before, and a symbol of our commitment to performance and excellence.

To truly honor the legacy of the number 10, we've created a series of animated stories, each a tribute to its greatness. From Aag to Toofan to Chattan, each piece captures the spirit and determination that define the world's greatest sportsmen. And with Sachin's first-hand accounts of his legendary career, these stories are more than just entertainment - they're a masterclass in driving performance and achieving greatness.

So think passion, think performance, and think Apollo Tyres. Because when it comes to legendary performances, there's only one number that truly matters - and it's the number 10.

The Power of 10

The Power of 10

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