Apollo Alpha Test Challenge


What does it take to return the radials that give you thrill, make every road exciting and bring the beast out of your ride? You need guts. Inspired by the fearless nature of Apollo Alpha Steel Radials, here’s a challenge that will test your mettle and love for Alpha.

Presenting Apollo Alpha Challenge. The first-of-its-kind challenge in this category, is here to push your limits and unleash the true power of your beast.


Buy a Apollo Alpha steel radial bike tyre. Ride it, rev it, turn it, screech it for 30 days.

Don’t like it? Return it and get your money back. But the question is, will you be able to return the thrill?

Go, take #ApolloAlphaChallenge right now!


Apollo Alpha - Features


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Warranty Information:

  • 30 days Guaranteed replacement: FOC replacement until 30 days from the date of tyre purchase for any concern in the tyre, if warranty is registered on the same day of tyre purchase


Terms and Conditions:

  • The customer shall be registered to obtain thirty (30) days guaranteed FOC return from Apollo Tyres Ltd. (“Apollo”), only if the customer registers warranty on the day of purchase of the tyre either by scanning the QR code available in the sales material at dealer counter or by calling 1800 212 7070 or whatsapp on 888 212 7070
  • The customer personal details and vehicle details will be verified by Apollo. Only a verified customer will be registered to avail the 30 days guaranteed return policy (“Policy”), hence please ensure correct customer information is provided at the time of registration
  • Tyres being returned under the Policy shall be physically submitted by the customer to Apollo’s sales office in customer’s city of residence along with the customer warranty registration number or invoice copy duly stamped by company’s authorized dealer
  • Apollo shall analyze/test the tyres upon receipt of the same and get back to the customer on the acceptance or refusal of the return of tyre post completion of Apollo’s internal process
  • This Policy does not cover any irregular wear and tear to tyre or failure due to neglect, abuse or mismatching of tyres or incorrect combination of tyres, excess speed, overload, driving concepts, pulling contests, competitive driving, logging or any other unauthorized applications. Tyres used for racing or any motorsports or if any damage to vehicle, property or injury to any person is caused by the tyre, such tyre will also not be covered under this Policy
  • Any warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose, if made, is limited in duration of thirty (30) days from the date of purchase
  • The final decision on acceptance or refusal of the return of tyre shall be made by authorized representative of Apollo after conducting due investigation to assess any damage to the tyre
  • Apollo’s liability shall be limited to the cost of the claimed tyre provided that the tyre meets the return criteria. Apollo shall not be liable in case the tyre does not meet the return criteria
  • This policy doesn’t provide compensation for any applicable taxes on the new tyre or for any indirect damages including but not limited to service charges incurred, charges of mounting/demounting, balancing of wheel, loss of time or loss of use of vehicle, inconvenience or consequential damage in so far as the law permit
  • All tyres for which the return has been refused by Apollo, will be disposed off if not collected in twenty one (21) days of intimation of the refusal. Apollo or Apollo’s business partner will not be liable for any loss after disposal or due to disposal
  • Apollo reserves the right to modify/change in entirely or cancel the Policy terms/conditions without any intimation or advance notice
  • If any information provided by the customer is found to be incorrect or false (including but not limited to customer contact details) Apollo shall have right to refuse the return at its discretion and take suitable legal action as well
  • Any disputes shall be governed by the Laws of India and the courts of Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction

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