Choosing your 4x4 tyres carefully can make all the difference to your driving


Proper sports utility vehicles are in a different league when it comes to power and performance. Where mid-size SUVs are all the rage in the market at the moment, these cars are not meant for extreme off-road driving. In most cases they make use of normal car tyres. But SUVs with 4x4 differentials need special tyres just like a hiker needs special boots.

Here are some basic things to keep in mind when buying 4x4 tyres for your off-roader.

Mixed Use Tyres for 4x4 SUVs 

For vehicles that see both highway and camping use the SUV tyres should have:

  • Sharper, rugged tread patterns

  • Reinforced treads and sidewalls

  • Rubber compound optimisation to work equally well on-road and off-road

Tyres like the Apollo Apterra HT 2 are optimised for highway and off-road performance with a low tread wear rate and low road noise. The special contours and construction of these tyres ensures better grip on wet or muddy terrains and also increases the braking efficiency of your SUV.

Off Road All Terrain Tyres for 4x4 SUVs

For vehicles that see a more muscular use, the SUV tyres need to have,

  • Wider tread blocks with higher tread depth

  • Higher rubber ratio

  • Reinforced tread and sidewalls

  • Extreme durability to wade through treacherous terrain

Here tyres like the Apollo Apterra AT are a better option. Apollo Tyres have used their expertise in tyre R&D to create a new centre to shoulder cross groove design that allows wider shoulder tread groove. The excellent off-road grip of these tyres makes fast-precise steering possible through mud and slush. The high durability rating of these SUV tyres also ensures longer life and lesser maintenance costs.

Things to know when buying new tyres for SUVs

Four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles come with additional differentials and viscous couplings that allow momentary differences in individual wheel speeds when the vehicle is turning a corner or temporarily spins a tyre. A mismatch in the tyres can cause the system to operate at 100% all the time and cause unwarranted wear to the tyres and differentials and viscous couplings, sometimes even leading to total failure of the 4x4 mechanism. 

That is why it is advised that you use ‘matched’ tyres that are in essence from the same brand and are of same design and tread depth.

Apollo Apterra Tyres for SUVs

In India, both on-road and off-road conditions can differ drastically from state to state and region to region. Being a homegrown brand Apollo Tyres understand the dynamics of native geography better than foreign tyre makers and are able to test their products in real-world conditions to create the highest quality products. The Apterra SUV tyres by Apollo are optimised for Indian road and off-road conditions, and are compatible with major 4x4 SUVs in the country. If you are in the market for new SUV tyres, do check out the Apterra tyres at an Apollo tyres shop near you. Now you can quickly select the right tyre size for your SUV using the handy tyre finder at

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