Road Hazard Protection

The Apollo RHP is an offer catered to help you keep your Tyre needs on top priority. The Road Hazard Protection policy provides 2 year warranty to the premium Apollo Tyre range - Alnac, All Apterra(TL) range and Aspire. Under this policy, you can register your Tyres for a 2 year warranty with a nominal fee.  

The policy can be bought within 15 days of Tyre purchase (from invoice date).


Pricing /

2 Tyre (In Rs)

Pricing /

4 Tyre (In Rs)

Alnac + Apterra (TL) Range








  • Accidental service failures which make Tyre un-serviceable & un-repairable.
  • Ex: Sidewall through Cut, Tread through Cut, Impact bulge etc.
  • EXCLUDED: Intentional damages and repairable cut/failures



  • 2 Years from date of purchase by customer or 50% tread wear whichever is earlier
  • Adjustment on pro-rata basis


  • A customer can purchase this warranty from the dealer when buying his new set of Apollo Tyres
  • This is an optional warranty and is an additional protection over your regular product warranty of 5 years

Terms and Conditions

  • RHP is an optional offering and customer can choose to buy the tyres with or without RHP.
  • Customer will get a unique RHP No. on registration. The same needs to be produced at the time of claim.
  • RHP can be registered within 15 Days of purchasing Tyres.
  • There is a cooling off period of 30 days from the date of registration. It means a claim cannot be made in first 30 days of policy registration.
  • Road hazard protection is valid upto, 2 Years from manufacturing month or upto 50% tread wear, whichever is earlier.
  • The benefit of the warranty is exclusively for the first owner of the tyre and is non-transferable.
  • Only one tyre replacement claim is valid per tyre on the original Road Hazard Certificate. A new Road Hazard Certificate will not be issued with replacement tyres.
  • A Road Hazard Certificate can only be issued with the purchase of 2 or 4 tyres on one invoice. There is no provision for registering RHP on 1 or 3 Tyres

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