Go the Distance with Sachin Tendulkar


Sachin is an Indian sports icon of global renown. Apart from his love for sports, the Master Blaster is also a car enthusiast. For Apollo Tyres, our association with Sachin Tendulkar is in line with its brand strategy. It allows us to create connect with sports and automobile fans and drive home our message of making every journey safe and inspiring.


Apollo Tyres explain the impact of global warming on sports feat Sachin Tendulkar


feat Sachin Tendulkar


Bad Road Buddies is a community for budding off-roaders to come together and discover the unexplored beauty that beholds in this vast terrain that is India. The people who belong to this community are the ones willing to make it through some of the harshest roads in the country only to visit places that will deliver them with breathtaking views.

No matter how bad the roads are, as long as your buddies are with you, everything becomes bearable. A community of off-roaders from different backgrounds who have come together to show their love for off-roading, to go the distance! Stay updated on www.badroadbuddies.com.



India's Playing Millions

feat Sachin Tendulkar


Trying and testing is the value of life. You won’t gain success on your first attempt. It takes years of practice and patience to be at the position where you want to be! Apollo Tyres Indias Playing Millions focuses towards the passion of hard work and trying. The real deal is to hang in there. The situation will improve but it takes some hardcore patience from your side. Understand the value that hard work and dedication from the Master Blaster himself.

Sachin X Apollo Tyres


Women's Day Message


One Family Team Talk


Champions of Tennis

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