The Road Towards Future


A River of People, is a beautiful cinematic journey across India which celebrates the nation and its people who are constantly moving and evolving towards the future. The journey is packed with enthralling landscapes and thought evoking imagery which makes one wonder about India as a country. Ganga, our national river never stops, it keeps flowing endlessly and timelessly embracing whatever comes in its way. Similarly, the people of India keep moving forward towards progress, development and modernization. India, in essence, is a river of people, driving itself with Apollo Tyres from the present into the future, towards progress and development.

Apollo Tyres and Sachin Tendulkar found the perfect fit in each other as they both have the traits which drives them and the ones around them to reach newer heights and achieve greatness every day. Just as how Sachin leads his team towards victory as they faced the toughest opponents, Apollo Tyres drives the nation towards certain progress and development.

This film captures Sachin’s journey with Apollo Tyres all across India, celebrating and exploring varied culture, diversity and progressive approach of India while developing itself to become one of the most advanced countries in the world. India has been growing and emerging since the early days of colonization, India and its people have never stopped moving ahead and have not let anything stand between them and the road to progress. This is a journey which shows how Apollo Tyres is driving India and the people towards a better and brighter tomorrow in collaboration with Sachin Tendulkar. Legendary Indian Music Director, Composer, Musician and Singer, A. R. Rahman has specially composed a masterpiece for Apollo’s new ad film. He has chosen just the right notes, the perfect scale which in itself hums out the melodic story of India.

The essence of brand Apollo is the spirit of ‘Go The Distance’. It motivates people to leave no stone unturned in realising their goals and ambitions, of giving their all to achieve what they have set out to, and keep going. While the company’s tyres become a means of achieving ambitions, progress, and realising dreams for the consumers.

The brand essence resonates with what both Ganga and Sachin stand for. While Ganga is about an eternal journey, flowing from one destination to the next overcoming all obstacles, Sachin too, in his journey has gone from milestone to milestone beating every hurdle, from greatness in cricket to the Bharat Ratna, to love and respect across the globe.

The river Ganga, Sachin and brand Apollo, all play an important role in the lives of every Indian, that of motivating and enabling them in different ways.



Driving India's Progress

India is a nation which is a culmination of people from various cultures and traditions coming together with one aim, which is to grow and progress for a better tomorrow. The people of India keep moving tirelessly and continuously, growing and progressing just like our national river Ganga, it doesn’t let anything stand in its way. A nation consisting of headstrong, strong-willed people who along with Apollo Tyres are on the road towards progress and development.


Passenger Vehicle Tyres 

Apollo has a wide range of tyres in the passenger vehicles category to help people to be always on the move. These tyres are designed in such a way that it bounds to help the people travel in comfort without any hindrances. Apollo’s passenger vehicle category includes premium bike tyres such as the Alpha series steel belted radial tyres, Alnac and Amazer car tyres which help the people to go the distance, the range of Aspire tyres best suited for the people who like to travel in luxury, style and comfort, topping it off with the Apterra series of SUV tyres with which one can tread anywhere and conquer terrains with ease.


Range of Tyres



Commercial Vehicle Tyres 


Apollo has dedicated itself to serve the nation by offering a phenomenal range of Commercial, Farm and Off-Highway tyres which help in uninterrupted development of the country. The farm category tyres help the farmers to yield healthier and refined crops with Krishak and Virat range of tractor tyres, designed for both agricultural and haulage use. With the advent of technologically advanced vehicles for better mobility and precision in operations, Apollo has developed a number of innovations in this category helping the nation grow and move forward towards progress.



Range of Tyres


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