It is that time of year again, Apollo Tyres Exchange Festival is back with savings up to ₹3,000 on new car tyre purchase. Replace old tyres with brand new tyres from Apollo and save big. Apollo Tyre Exchange Festival is offering great discounts on Car, SUV, and bike tyres.

Starting 10th November 2022, the offers are valid till stocks last, so visit an Apollo Tyres store near you or log on to


Apollo Tyre Exchange Prices 2022




Apollo Tyres is an Indian tyre brand, so we understand Indian roads and Indian drivers better than anyone else. Here is how Apollo Tyres looks after your needs:

  • Apollo tyre tread patterns improve ride, handling, and braking performance
  • Tyres made from high-quality rubber compounds that offer great mileage
  • Puncture resistant designs ensure that you go the distance without hassles
  • Whether your tyres have simply worn out or there is damage due to driving on bad roads, Apollo Tyres offers no questions asked tyre exchange.


Available at all Apollo tyre shops near you

  • The offer is valid at all authorized Apollo Tyres Dealers in your city
  • Offer valid on car, SUV, bike and scooter tyres
  • The Tyre Exchange Offer is valid for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers
  • Savings up to ₹ 3,000
  • Save more when you buy a complete set of bike tyres or car tyres
  • Register for unconditional warranty*



Millions of customers trust Apollo Tyres for our time-tested tyre technology and customer centric services. Become a part of the Apollo Tyres family, avail car tyre exchange offers today. Still need reasons to buy Apollo Tyres for your Car or Bike?

Apollo Car & SUV Tyres

  • High structural durability and mileage
  • Superior braking and control on highway speeds
  • Ideal for driving on dry and wet roads
  • Low noise tyres for acoustic comfort

Apollo Bike & Scooter Tyres

  • Precise braking and control in city traffic
  • Excellent grip on dry and wet surfaces
  • Higher mileage and durability
  • Improved tyre design for uniform tread wear


How to find out if you need tyre replacement?

Tyres are consumable components, which means you have to replace them every few years. Here are certain signs that tell you need a tyre replacement:

  • There is no tread left on one or more tyres
  • The tread depth indicators in the tyre pattern have become visible as little bridges
  • One or more tyres are unevenly worn out due to wheel alignment issues
  • Your tyres are frequently punctured
  • There are bumps and cracks in the sidewalls and tyre casing
  • Your vehicle skids while cornering or braking


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