Tales of Tyres

Real-life stories of people who went the distance by choosing Apollo Tyres

We all use tyres in our day-to-day lives, but seldom stop to realize its true worth.

“What is the worth of a tyre?” 

Maybe to some, it’s just a matter of price, but for others, it’s the difference between a good and bad harvest, something that they rely on for their livelihoods.

From being the reason shipments get delivered on time to ensuring fields are ploughed on time for the sowing season.

From the busy streets of Rohtak, to a remote farm in Ludhiana, and all the way to a truck stop in Mumbai, “Tales of Tyres” bring some unheard of stories of real people who were able to accomplish what they set out to do, by putting their trust on Apollo Tyres. 


Tales of Tyres – Episode 1

From being born and brought up around tyres to now running his father’s tyre dealership in Rohtak, Arjun Ahlawat takes us through his family’s long-standing journey with Apollo Tyres, and how it became the secret to success for this 30-year old family business.



Tales of Tyres – Episode 2

According to farmer, Pritam Singh, respite during farming often comes in expected and unexpected ways, be it timely rains, good crop yield or reliable tyres that stay with you through it all. Let’s take a look at how the 15-year relationship of Pritam Singh with Apollo Tyres has been instrumental in making his work better in numerous ways.

The tyres these tales relied on

Apterra AT2

The Apterra AT2 offers best in class durability, High Precision Control & Excellent All Terrain Traction.

1. Durability and Puncture Resistance

  • Triplex Casing with a Patented Polymer Blend Compound
  • DPF Technology to ensure outstanding durability in All Terrains

2. High Precision Control with Aqua Planing
  • Herringbone Grooves with a wider tread for quick steering response
  • Excellent Stability during both on and off road usage

3. All Terrain Traction
  • Patented Multi-Directional Tread Design
  • Saw-Tooth Shoulder technology for high levels of traction on mud/sand




  • Uniform pressure distribution to reduce uneven wear for a longer tyre life.
  • Deployment of more rubber in wearing zone for even wear and increased rubber volume for a longer tyre life.
  • Overall Apollo VIRAT has 5% better mileage than competition tyres on soft and hard soil as well as Haulage conditions.
  • Apollo VIRAT performed upto 25% better than competition tyres in field evaluations.

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