It is that time of year again, Apollo Tyres Exchange Festival is back with savings up to ₹3,000 on new car purchases. If you have been planning a tyre replacement for a while, now is the time to buy new tyres for your car, SUV or bike. Replace your worn out, damaged tyres with Apollo Tyre Exchange and give your vehicle new wings with a perfect set of car, SUV or bike tyres.

The offer is valid till stocks last. So, hurry and visit an Apollo Tyres shop near you to get a new set of tyres for 2-wheeler or 4-wheeler.



Tyres are the component that your vehicle drives on, making them critical for a good start to every journey. Getting the best car or bike tyres needs careful consideration of the tyre compounds, tread quality, durability and mileage. At Apollo Tyres we make a concentrated effort create tyres that provide superior acceleration, braking power, and torque for your cars, SUVs and bikes. Because, your vehicle may have all the power in the world, but it cannot move without a perfect set of tyres.

Whether your tyres have simply worn out or there is damage due to driving on bad roads, Apollo Tyres offers no questions asked tyre exchange.


Available at all Apollo tyre shops near you

The offer is valid at all authorized Apollo Tyres Dealers in your city

Offer valid on car, SUV, bike and scooter tyres

The Tyre Exchange Offer is valid for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers

Savings up to ₹ 3,000

Save more when you buy a complete set of bike tyres or car tyres

Register for unconditional warranty*

Get more with every Apollo Tyres purchase, buy the unconditional warranty to extend benefits




Apollo Car & SUV Tyres

  • High structural durability and mileage
  • Superior braking and control on highway speeds
  • Ideal for driving on dry and wet roads
  • Low noise tyres for acoustic comfort

Apollo Bike & Scooter Tyres

  • Precise braking and control in city traffic
  • Excellent grip on dry and wet surfaces
  • Higher mileage and durability
  • Improved tyre design for uniform tread wear



While every tyre will gradually wear off with regular use, there are several reasons that can increase the rate of tyre wear. Here's why you may need a tyre replacement with Apollo Tyres Exchange Festival.

Driving style: Rapid acceleration or hard braking increases tread wear

Bad roads: Indian roads are notorious for their impact on vehicle damage and most certainly tyre damage

Wheel Alignment: Wrong alignment causes rapid and uneven wear to car and SUV tyres

High Speed: When you drive faster, the tyre temperature increases and so does tyre wear

Air Pressure: Under inflation and over inflation can increase tread wear and lead to premature ageing of tyres


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