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Check out the Apterra Cross, the dedicated tire designed specifically for the booming compact SUV segment in India. Apollo recognized the potential of this market and set out to create a tire that caters to the unique needs of compact SUV owners in the country.

What sets the Apterra Cross apart from other tires is its careful customization for the Indian compact SUV scene. The tire's design is not only functional but also looks fantastic. With its aggressive and eye-catching appearance, it stands out as the best-looking tire available for compact SUVs in India.



What's even more impressive is the tire's durability. India's roads can be challenging at times, but the Apterra Cross can handle it all. It has been designed to withstand rough patches and maintain its performance, ensuring that you won't have to compromise on your driving experience. So, whether you're navigating through potholes or exploring off-road destinations, the Apterra Cross has got you covered.

apollo apterra cross tyre for compact suvs

Experience the Apterra Cross: Elevating Your Driving Pleasure in Every Way

Superior Road Control: Navigating with Confidence

  • Advanced engineering for enhanced grip and traction
  • Specially designed tread pattern for optimal road control
  • Stability and control on various road surfaces and terrains

Attractive Pattern: Style that Stands Out

  • Eye-catching and aggressive design
  • Adds sportiness and elegance to your compact SUV
  • Combining performance and visual appeal in one tire

Durability and Long Life: Built to Last

  • Withstands demanding conditions of Indian roads
  • Robust construction and high-quality materials
  • Endures potholes, rough patches, and uneven surfaces without compromising performance

Low NVH Levels: Quieter and Smoother Rides

  • Minimized noise, vibration, and harshness
  • Enjoy conversations, music, and peaceful journeys
  • Reduction of road noise and vibrations for a comfortable driving experience

Best-in-Class Ride Comfort: Smooth and Cushioned Journeys

  • Engineered for exceptional ride comfort
  • Ensures a smooth and cushioned ride
  • Ideal for city commutes and long trips alike




215/60 R16 APTERRA CROSS TL Brezza, Nexon, Top Model Venue/Sonet
215/60 R17 APTERRA CROSS TL Creta, Seltos, Captur, Kicks, Hector
215/65 R16 APTERRA CROSS TL Duster, Terrano, Nuvosport
205/60 R16 APTERRA CROSS TL Ecosport, S-cross
205/65 R16 APTERRA CROSS TL Creta, Seltos, XUV300

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