Apollo Amazer XP - Make your journeys eco-friendly

Best in class RRc and unparalleled comfort make the Apollo Amazer XP the perfect choice for your journey while its fuel-efficiency makes it the perfect choice for the environment so you can go the distance everyday and the planet can too.



Tyre for a greener tomorrow


Improved Fuel Efficiency

About 5-15% of total fuel is used for overcoming rolling resistance. A 10 percent decrease in the rolling resistance yields a 1 – 2 percent improvement in fuel economy. Even though the number seems small, the costs eventually add up.


Increased Savings

When you use low resistance tyres, you would be spending less on fuel. This translates to reduced fuel expenses and a profit with every kilometre. To give you an idea, low resistance car tyres can help you save up to Rs. 6,000 per year on fuel. You can recover a good part of your investment in the long run.

The planet and nature will be saved not because of the efforts of one person who does everything, but the combined forces of several people for the cause. While we are flooded with news about animal deaths, forests being cut down and droughts etc., The Better India has also brought you numerous stories about solutions to save the oceans, forests and minimise our carbon footprint.

With mounting pollution levels, every section of the automotive industry is finding ways to lessen the environmental impact through advance powertrains and latest techs. And in this league, even tyre manufacturers are not behind.



Amazer XP | XP for Xtra performance

Amazer XP Offered in sizes ranging from 12-inch to 15-inch, can be installed in most of the hatchbacks, sedans, crossovers in the country. It receives brilliant low-rolling resistance technology that saves fuel without sacrificing on the safety aspect. Thanks to the use of company’s advance nano particle expertise it reduces fuel consumption by XX% and prevents the tyre from overheating during motion. Other important characteristics of the tyre include excellent braking performance, reduced noise levels, better tread life and superior comfort.



Available in mentioned below range

While every tyre will gradually wear off with regular use, there are several reasons that can increase the rate of tyre wear. Here's why you may need a tyre replacement with Apollo Tyres Exchange Festival.


SKU Code Description Vehicle Fitment
RLGAC0XPA3AT1 145/80 R12 74T AMAZER XP TL -D Alto
RLGDX0XPA3AT1 155/65 R14 75T AMAZER XP TL -D Wagon R, Wagon R StingRay
RLGDD0XPA3AT3 165/70 R14 81T AMAZER XP -D (R1) Kwid, Datsun , Celerio, Go, Go+ , Micra
RLGDF0XPA3AT1 165/80 R14 85T AMAZER XP TL -D Swift, Altroz
RLGDG0XPA3AT2 175/65R14 82T TL AMAZER XP (T1) - D Tigor, Bolt, Zest, Amaze, Etios, Brio
RLGDS0XPA3AH1 185/65 R14 86H AMAZER XP TL -D i20, old verna
RLGDM0XPA3AT1 185/70 R14 88T AMAZER XP TL -D Swift, Old Dzire, Verito


FAB Amazer XP

Rolling Resistance


  Cavity Pattern
F Cavity contour with minimized strain levels Stress relaxation grooves
A Minimized heat generation in shoulder and bead region Minimized shoulder block deformation and better heat dissipation
B Low RRC and Better Fuel Efficiency


NVH and Mechanical Ride


  Tread Patten
F Trumpet Groove Shoulder Design Helical pitch line distribution of Tread Blocks
A Better air pumping Smooth road to tyre interaction and lower impact force
B Low Tyre In cabin Noise Good ride comfort and Low In cabin Noise




  Structure Tread Architecture
F High Modulus Tread Compound Higher Rubber volume in Tread Pattern
A Low heat built up during operation Uniform pressure distribution and lower wear rate
B Low wear rate and high mileage potential


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