Getting your car ready for the monsoon season: 5 things to do


After one of the hottest summers in recent memory the monsoons are finally here to offer respite from the heat and sweat. But the monsoon rains come with their own set of complications for car owners, such as slippery roads, musty smells and dampness inside the cabin. Thus, proper car care is very important for comfortable and safe driving during the rainy seasons.

Here are 5 things to check when taking your car out in the rains.

Tyre Check

Traction, when driving on wet surfaces, is of utmost importance for passenger and vehicle safety. Make sure that your car’s tyres have a good amount of tread on them to ensure control while driving in traffic or at highway speeds. Deeper treads channel the wetness away from the contact surface of the tyre and improve the grip. You can check the tread wear on your car tyre through a visual inspection as you can notice it if the tyres are really old, or you can check it by examining the tread wear indicator which is a standard feature on new car tyre models.

If the tread is worn then you should get new car tyres before the rains hit your town. New monsoon car tyres like the Alnac 4G provide class-leading grip and traction control. These tubeless car tyres are also low maintenance and come with extended warranty coverage from Apollo Tyres.

Brake Pads

A good tyre and brake combo is essential for safe monsoon driving. Worn out brake pads reduce the stopping distance and can cause skids on wet roads. If you feel a judder while braking, it is time to get new brake pads for your car. We highly recommend proper inspection of the braking system by the OEM or a professional.

Battery and Wiring

Electrical components and water are the antithesis of each other. Monsoon rains can cause unforeseen malfunctions if the wiring in your car is damaged or exposed due to pervious repair jobs or aftermarket fitments. Do a thorough check-up of the car’s electrical work to avoid unexpected breakdowns. Similarly, battery health is also important to avoid startup related issues in the rainy season. If the battery is nearing the end of its life-cycle consider a replacement.

Lights Check

Make sure that your head lamps, fog lamps and tail lights are all in working condition and the turn indicators and emergency lights are working to maximize visibility for yourself and others on the road. Consider a defogging of the car’s head lights and tail lights if you are running an older vehicle.


Frequent use wears out the wiper blades of your car, so the wiper starts leaving smudges and streaks on the windscreen. Wiper blade replacement is relatively cheap and should be done with alacrity when preparing your car for driving in the rainy season.

Apart from these safety checks you should also check your car for any leaks or rust which might damage the interior or exterior of the vehicle. If your vehicle has a sunroof, make sure it works and shuts correctly to avoid ending up with a damp cabin.

So, it is time to revive your monsoon trip plans and we wish you the best as you go the distance, Visit Apollo Tyres for more info.


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