Total Cost of Car Tyre Replacement for All Wheels


Car tyres are a perishable component which will eventually need a replacement.

Maybe you are the most careful of the drivers and pay regular heed to car tyre maintenance, but once the tread begins to wear, there is no other option but to replace your car tyres for safety on the road. There are several things you can do to prolong the life of your car tyres, such as:

  • Safe driving within speed limits

  • Maintaining ideal PSI (air pressure)

  • Gradual braking

  • Periodic wheel alignment checks

However, once the tyres start running out grip when you are cornering, braking or driving in monsoon weather, it is time to get the replacements in.

Tubeless Car Tyres or Tube-Type?

The next thing to decide upon is what type of car tyre you want to buy. Its 2019 and tubeless tyres have become mainstream, so if your car came with tubeless tyres, it makes sense to buy similar replacements. But if you are still driving an old car or the wheels on your car have taken some damage, you can safely go with tube-type car tyres.

A car tyre brand you can always rely on – Apollo Tyres

We know that buying new car tyres can be a chore in itself. Especially if you are a novice in the matters of car tyres and their use cases. At Apollo Tyres, we have a legacy of making great tyres for the Indian car market. Our indigenous experience in developing new products has helped us create car tyres for Indian roads. You can find our best priced car tyres online, and at an Apollo Tyres shop near you.

Cost of Car Tyre Replacement

Small Cars: Car tyres for Alto, i10 and WagonR will usually cost about ₹ 10,000 to ₹ 12,000. Apollo’s small car tyres like the Amzaer 3G come with industry best warranty and mileage benefits. You can get up to 5-years warranty with 2-year unconditional car tyre warranty with Apollo Tyres.

Hatchbacks & Sedans: Car tyres for Swift, i20, Verna, and Ciaz will cost a little more because of the powerful drivetrains and increased curb weight of these vehicles. You can buy replacement tyres for all four wheels by spending approx. ₹ 24,000. Once again Apollo Tyres offer segment leading warranty, mileage and performance benefits with products like the Alnac and Alnac 4G.

SUVs: As you can guess, since SUVs are made for rough and tough use, their tyres need to be sturdier than most cars. Replacing SUV tyres can cost as much as ₹ 40,000 if you are on a conservative budget or can go up to ₹ 80,000 if you want the best ones. Products in Apollo’s Apterra range of SUV tyres are ideally priced for both budget buyers and those who look for high-end performance.

So, now that you know about the reasons and the cost of acquisition for new car and SUV tyres, it is time to pick and choose the best tyres for your four-wheeler. Now, you can use the handy car tyre finder at to find the perfect set of tyres for your wheels. Or, you can visit an Apollo Tyres Dealer nearby and meet out tyre experts for making the right choice.