Things to know when buying new Backhoe Loader tyres


Industrial machinery are high value assets which fulfil critical utility requirements. Working on harsh terrain and challenging weather conditions, these machines require adept handling and maintenance

In India, heavy-duty vehicles like Backhoe Loaders and excavators are prominently used for construction and farming activities. Backhoe loaders are also frequently deployed by municipal authorities. Tasked with operating on steep inclines and declines, these machines need to have excellent traction for avoiding mishaps. That’s why there is a whole class of heavy duty tyres, specially designed to keep these large pieces of machinery grounded.

If you own or operate a heavy duty vehicle that needs tyre replacement, here we are sharing a couple of things that you should be kept in mind when buying new excavator and backhoe loader tyres.

Weather should never be an Adversary 

A tricky terrain coupled with harsh weather conditions can destabilise a heavy vehicle. Landscapes where slush and mud are common, can hinder the vehicle’s the momentum, especially when it’s raining heavily or there are floods. While the engines of cranes, backhoe loaders and excavators have ample power for traversing such terrains, it may not be possible without proper tyres in place.

On the other hand, tyres that are purpose built for all terrain use can even unlock extra torque for the vehicle. However, if the quality of rubber compounds and the tread pattern of heavy duty tyres do not match the terrain they need to operate upon, critical failures can occur. To solve these problems, popular brands like Apollo Tyres, make heavy duty tyres using tough rubber compounds which come with high-levels of abrasion resistance, to ensure that you have minimal tyre related down times.

Backhoe Loader Tyres that can Unlock Extra Performance

Tyres provide contact and traction between the vehicle and the terrain and a good set of tyres can add another dimension to the vehicle’s stability  and performance when on challenging terrain. As mentioned above, there are all-terrain tyres for heavy duty vehicles that can help in handling versatile tasks without any problems. Constructed with superior tread patterns and quality, tyres like the Y LON from Apollo Tyres can help navigate with heaviest of loads easily. These heavy duty tyres use multi tapered treads that are carefully designed with optimised angles and patterns for better load distribution for the entire vehicle.

Looking for new tyres for backhoe loaders, cranes and excavators? Check out some of our bestselling heavy duty tyres using the Apollo Tyres Finder on the website.


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