5 Ways to Know If You Need to Buy New Tyres or Not?


Tyres on your car wear a little, every time you drive it. Tyre wear is not a sign of bad driving but rather something that is bound to occur. As tyres get older, the rubber hardens and the rate of wear increases. Bad tyres can cause a mishap if you are not careful in replacing them. That's why a periodic tyre check should be on your car maintenance checklist if it's not already.

As a leading tyre brand in India, at Apollo Tyres, we have done extensive research on tyre wear and tear. Today, we are sharing some warning signs that will help you know more about car tyre health. Here is how to check for them.

Having a look at the Tread Depth

Tread is what helps you in maintaining a firm grip on the road. Tread depth determines how effective the tyre will be on dry and wet surfaces. The tread depth should never fall below 1/16 of an inch or 1.6 mm. For driving on wet roads, the recommended tread depth is twice that much. An easy way to find out if the tread depth is good is to see if small stones still get stuck in the tread patterns. But, a closer inspection by a tyre expert is always recommended. You can meet one at an Apollo Tyres dealer near you.

Inspecting the Tread Wear Indicator

New car tyres come with a tread wear indicator for the convenience of general users. The tread wear indicator is a bar built in the tyre tread patterns. When the tyre is new, these bars are barely visible. But as the rubber wears, the bars become visible as small bridges between the tread lines. If you can see more than one or two of these bars, then your car needs tyre replacement.

Looking for Cracks in the Tyre Sidewall

Sometimes, tyre damage occurs due to damage to the sidewall. While the tyre itself may look new, the damage to sidewall is quite hazardous. It can lead to tyre bursts when driving at highway speeds. Fortunately, it is quite easy to find sidewall cracks via a visual inspection. Look for cuts in the side grooves to see if there is a cut or similar damage.

Abnormal Blisters on the Tyres

In some instances, a particular area of the tyre can weaken due to impact damage. It results in a swollen patch on the tyre. The weakened section is prone to damage and may blow out on hot summer days. If you see a weak spot on any of the tyres, promptly replace it.

Increase in Cabin Vibration

Poor roads do increase the vibrations in your car's cabin. But if you are experiencing too much vibration, even when driving on expressways, it may be due to bad tyres. Sometimes, tyre wear may occur unevenly due to faulty wheel alignment or suspension. It makes your car unstable and also results in loss of grip. Check your tyres for uneven wear, such as the insides are more worn than the rest. If the wear is uneven, it is time to replace the car tyres.

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