Tips for Safe Riding on Highways with High-Speed Limits

Sharing some useful tips for making highway driving safer for you and your loved ones.

Driving in the city and driving on a highway are markedly different. In the city, we drive at relatively slower pace and the risk of accidents is low. On the other hand, when you are driving on the highways, the speeds can be in excess of 80 to 100 kmph. Impacts at these speeds can be fatal and so, a driver cannot afford to be careless during highway driving.

Today, we are sharing some useful tips for making highway driving safer for you and your loved ones.


Buckle up your seatbelts

Let’s be honest, in India, we don’t give as much importance to buckling up in our driving seats as mandated by the laws for driving safety. But did you know? A seatbelt is as critical for driver safety as a helmet is for rider safety. You can prevent injury in most low to mid impact scenarios by buckling up the seatbelt.


Put your mobile on do not disturb

Another hard to deny fact of modern life are the distractions caused by mobile phones. When you are driving at high speeds, you simply cannot afford to lose focus. So, if you are a busy man or woman, put your smartphone notifications to a rest while driving by enabling silent or do not disturb modes.

Always use the right lane for overtaking

Despite others not following traffic rules, don’t be the one to join the queue, especially when it comes to overtaking heavy vehicles on the road. Always use the right lane to overtake because drivers of heavy vehicles have more blind spots and may not see your vehicle when making a sudden turn.


Drive at a safe distance

Another cardinal rule of highway driving is to keep a safe distance between the vehicles in front and yourself. While you can get away with close driving in city traffic, on highways it is quite risky.

Also, make sure that your vehicle’s tyres and brakes are in good shape before taking to the highway. Even a safe distance between vehicles is not a guarantee of avoiding a crash if your tyres don’t have good tread or the brake pads are worn. Using tyres that have technically superior treads like the Apollo Alnac 4G can also help in reducing braking distance on dry and wet roads.


Keep within the speed limits

Staying within speed limits is a sure shot way of avoiding accidents on highways. Even if the highway stretch is devoid of traffic, driving under the limit will help you avoid hitting animals and wildlife that often wander on the roads.

Take stock of weather conditions

If the weather is bad or about to become so, driving slowly with safety lights switched on will help you remain visible on the road. Do not try to outrun the weather conditions to your destination. In bad weather conditions, even driving up to the recommended speed limits on the highways becomes risky. So, be considerate of the fact.

In case you live in a region where wet weather conditions are common, use car and SUV tyres with treads that help in avoiding hydroplaning.


Don’t drive under the influence

A very basic but important reminder never drive when you are under the influence of alcohol or any medication. When you are not fully focused, you are unlikely to make good judgements while on the road. The term driving safety not only means your personal safety but also of others on the road. A negligence on your part can be fatal for someone else.

So, these are the basics of driving safely on highways. Also, make sure that you take regular breaks when driving long-distance and avoid aggressive driving or racing with others.

At Apollo Tyres, we are forever committed for bettering driver safety on the road. Follow our blog for more driving safety and vehicle and tyre maintenance tips.


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