5 skills to learn while isolating at home

When you are locked down at home, why not utilise the time to up-skill by learning some new tools of trade. It can help you climb the career ladder when things open up. In today's post we are sharing the top in-demand skills that you can learn during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Microsoft Excel

Excel is one of the most used office programs around the world. Deep diving into the program, you can even learn to use VBA for automation time-consuming spreadsheet tasks. Sign up for an online course in Microsoft Excel and impress your peers when you are back in the office.

Data Science

One of the most wanted job profiles in the world is that of a data scientist. The future belongs to big data and there is a huge gap between the demand and supply in this field. If you are a developer, consider signing up for a course in Microsoft Power BI, Python, MATLAB, Hadoop and related data science fields.


Content is the king when it comes to online and offline marketing. Those catchy phrases on TV and web are not random, they tell the story of a brand. Luckily, you can read some great books and connect with veteran copywriters by signing up for online courses to upgrade your content writing profile.


For small business owners bookkeeping is always an extra expense. However, some astute learning during the lockdown can help you in becoming self-reliant for all your accounting needs. Tools like Quickbooks are readily available with both paid and free learning videos online. So, make use of your time and cut your business expenses when things restart.

Video Editing

Professionals who practice graphics design have a great opportunity to expand their portfolio of services with video drafting and editing skills. You can find YouTube tutorials as well as professional online courses for software like Adobe Premier and Apple's Final Cut Pro.

There are many more things you can do at personal and professional level to cope with the lockdown and make productive use of the time at your hands. We hope this blog was helpful, follow us at #MaintainTheDistance for more updates.

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