Apollo Apterra Cross

Realising the potential of the compact SUV market, the team at Apollo started working on building a dedicated tyre for the CSUVs in 2018. After two years of testing, tuning and painstakingly perfecting each and every small details, Apollo is now ready to launch the Apterra Cross – the dedicated tyre for the Compact SUV Segment. This is a very big moment in the tyre industry as it will be the first dedicated range of tyres specially catering to the Compact SUV segment.

How is the tyre different from other tyres ? At Apollo, in depth research was conducted to understand the exact usage patterns of compact SUV owners. Basis this, the Apterra Cross has been tailor made to fit the exact needs of the Compact SUV owners. The tyre looks fabulous, with its aggressive design it is by far the best looking tyre in the market for the Compact SUVs. The tyre also performs brilliantly under all conditions. When you drive to the office or to the mall, you will get the quietest most comfortable ride. However, if you want to take the car out for a long drive or a getaway over the weekend, the tyre has been made extra durable to ensure no compromises even when travelling through patches of bad roads. It’s the perfect combination of both comfort and style.


Apollo Apterra Cross - Tyre Key Features

Attractive Pattern

Durability and Long Life

Low Noise and Best in class Ride Comfort

Handling & Braking




The key features of the tyre can be divided into the following four segments :

1- Attractive Pattern

The Apterra Cross is overall an aesthetically amazing product to look at. It complements every Compact SUV in the market and adds that bit of aggression to complete the package

2- Durability and Long Life

The Apterra Cross is built with a twin steel belt with JCP protection for high puncture resistance. The tread compound is a high abrasion resistant multi polymer blend to ensure long tyre life

3- Low Noise and Best in class Ride Comfort

The Apterra Cross has a rounder contact patch for maximum ride comfort. Specially tuned for better compression during impact basis advanced simulation techniques for a comfortable ride. The tyre itself is built for extremely low noise generation to ensure a great drive.

4- Handling & Braking

The Apterra Cross has balanced stiffness of Tread Blocks in Lateral and Longitudinal direction for best in class Handling and Braking Performance. It’s block based design at with connected shoulder blocks ensures high levels of road grip


Tyre sizes that we launching, along with vehicle fitments 

215/60 R16 APTERRA CROSS TL Brezza, Nexon, Top Model Venue/Sonet
215/60 R17 APTERRA CROSS TL Creta, Seltos, Captur, Kicks, Hector
215/65 R16 APTERRA CROSS TL Duster, Terrano, Nuvosport
205/60 R16 APTERRA CROSS TL Ecosport, S-cross
205/65 R16 APTERRA CROSS TL Creta, Seltos, XUV300


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