Introducing Apterra OWL 

Apterra HT2 is Apollo’s top selling tyre internationally and a big hit in premium markets such as Dubai. The new edition of Apterra HT2 – OWL (Outlined White Lettering) tyre is Apollo’s first product to introduce the style quotient in the SUV range. It’s the perfect companion for every SUV owner who loves to travel, explore and is thrilled at the idea of flaunting their ride.

Its specially designed treads make sure that you have a comfortable and safe journey no matter what the destination is. It’s time to mark your authority on the roads via Apterra OWL.



#MarkOfTheWild - Ideology 

Every seeker, explorer, adventurist and artist face their wildest of dreams and passions, because it is their own to feel proud, flaunt and live to the fullest. Hence, the Apterra OWL tyres are a symbol of authority to every SUV owner who overcomes all the obstacles whether on the road or off the roads while moving forward. It’s a feeling, a sentiment, a power, a confidence and an authority to achieve whatever you want, and with style.

‘A true companion that gives you the confidence to achieve the impossible.’

Features & Benefits

Comfortable Drive with Excellent Safety

  • Superb dry and wet grip for faster braking
  • Best-in-class road shock absorption 
  • High quality rubber compound for high speed driving 
More Info
  • Highly comfortable even on rough roads

Longer service life with Low Noise

  • Wear resistant Tread compound
  • Silent comfortable driving throughout the life