Apollo Apterra | Bad Roads Go to Good Places

Sometimes, to get wiser in life, you need to go through tough routes and tougher experiences. The same holds true for journeys that take you to places beyond the well-trodden paths. The unseen and unexperienced can only be reached if you take the roads which others seldom dare to tread. At Apollo Tyres, we believe that bad roads lead you to good places and the Apollo Apterra Range of SUV Tyres is a testament of our philosophy.

We are presenting our latest offering, the Apollo Apterra AT2, a tyre designed to conquer the toughest of terrains so that you can go to places never seen before. Join us in creating a community of adventure lovers, the 'Bad Road Buddies', and take part in all-terrain conquering expeditions by Apollo Tyres.

Apollo Apterra AT2 SUV Tyre | Helps You Conquer All Terrains

The Apollo Apterra AT2 complements your SUV’s performance, giving you the ability to rule the tarmac, tracks and trails. The tyre has been built from the scratch for the roads that are not on your map. Its exceptional all-terrain performance comes with outstanding durability.

All Terrain Traction

All Terrain Traction

Patented “Multi-directional tread” design with SAW-TOOTH Shoulder technology for high levels of traction on mud/sand.

Durability and Puncture Resistance

Durability and Puncture Resistance

5th Gen Polymer blend compound with DPF Technology for outstanding durability and puncture resistance.

High Precision Control

High Precision Control

Herringbone Grooves with a wider tread for quick steering response and excellent stability for traversing all terrains.

Carve Your Own Path with Apollo Apterra AT2

An SUV Tyre that shares your passion for adventure. The performance superiority and all terrain features of Apollo Apterra AT2 make it a leader in the high-performance SUV tyre segment.

Apollo Apterra AT2 SUV Tyre Range

Benefits Performance Superiority Features
Highly comfortable even on rough roads Best-in-class road shock absorption without loss of geometric stability Specially designed tyre contour & construction
Excellent all terrains performance Suitable for mud, slush, sand and gravel terrain Centre to shoulder cross grooves opening and wider shoulder grooves
Superior safety during high-speed driving and braking Superb dry and wet grip for faster braking High-quality rubber compound with unique tread pattern design

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These all-terrain SUV tyres from Apollo offer excellent off road grip, precise steering in mud and slush and come with superior durability for long-lasting service.

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