Apterra AT2 Review

The Apterra AT2 tyres are the trusted tyre brand of 4x4-legend Tony Yeo.

10 18,2022

“We’ve seen it all!”

The Apterra AT2 tyres are the trusted tyre brand of 4x4-legend Tony Yeo.

“Fun times, a plenty over the past 40+ years. Especially when I was involved with motoring magazines, training the journalists, arranging product test rides and putting tours together, as well as those all-important product launches.

One thing I am extremely privileged to have experienced, is our beautiful country. Travelling from Sub Sahara to Cape Town, off the beaten track to areas not seen by many people. We have still not been everywhere, but it is on our list. Tanzania, Kenya, Angola, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Congo, Namibia all get a tick and Ethiopia is right at the top of the bucket list.

We have experienced many different events, launches, adventures and training all across the globe. The TREK Challenges, The Camel Trophy trials, Ireland and Eastnor Castle (home to Land Rover Experience) were all great experiences. Malaysia certainly did not disappoint with the privilege of enjoying two different Malaysian Rain Forest Challenges.

The Camel Adventure started out in 1992 in South Africa and gave us nearly eight years of intense fun and excitement. Later, getting Trophy status and allowing us to travel the world through various Camel Trophy competitions.

Having been almost anywhere and everywhere where our 4x4’s can take us in Southern Africa, East Rand 4x4 Training & Tours are proud Brand Ambassadors of Apollo Tyres. We have had the same Apollo Apterra AT2 tyres and rims, fitted to 4 different 4x4 vehicles, which has a total mileage of just over 100 000km.

The tyres have been exposed to extreme conditions, and in many cases, we can use the word “abuse”. From the usual long distance, high temperatures and loaded vehicles, to the many kilometres of soft sand, snow or mud, thus deflating to a level of concern. We have seen it all!

Adding to the above, the tyres have then been thrown into mountainous terrain, which is a combination of boulders and sharp rocks that the tyres had to contend with. With the amount of tyre deflection and scrubbing, it is amazing that the rubber and sidewalls of the tyre could withstand these aggressive conditions.

Punctures? Through all of this 100 000km’s, only one.  In a riverbed of soft sand, one tyre encountered the wrath of a broken bottle, which nipped the side wall of the tyre.

And that is the total sum of tyre punctures or any flat wheels.

Our travels and adventures the past 40+ years have allowed me to experience what the tyre world has had to offer, from the early days of Cross ply with tubes, to modern day run flat tyres, MT as well as AT has al taken me to and back from my destinations.

And it is now, and with confidence, that I can say: “I believe in and trust the Apollo Apterra AT2 tyres to take me and my vehicle to any of our future off-the-grid destinations.”

Our relationship with Apollo Tyres, all the people that work there and the product, has only been one of pleasure and confidence. We appreciate the assistance and look forward to going on many more adventures together.”

Apterra AT2 Review

Apterra AT2 Review